Instructions for panel conveners

  • Click here for registration
  • Please fill in your email address. You will receive an automatic email with a password which you have to use next time you log in.
  • Please choose the panel you’re organizing and click on ’Organize panel’. As a panel convener you have two options:
    1.You can pre-register your presenters by adding the multiple presenters and papers yourself by clicking on the option ‘New participant’. The presenters will then receive an automatic email that they have been registered by their convener. The presenters still need to complete their registration themselves by finalizing the payment. They can use the registration link, the login and password that will be send to them in the automatic email. By adding the participants yourself, you will have more ‘control’ over your panel as a convener.
    2. You don’t pre-register your presenters and ask your presenters to individually register their participation. In this case you don’t click on ‘New participant’ and continue with your own registration.
  • If you want to add changes to your registration later, then choose the ‘Save and finish registration later’ button. In this way you can change your data afterwards.
  • If you data is complete, then use the ‘Confirm and finish registration’. After you have chosen this option, it is not possible anymore to change your data afterwards. Only use this button when all your data is complete.
  • You can check your data through your Personal Page. Don’t forget to log out after you have saved your registration. With the password you have received you can log in anytime to check or change your data or to add new information.
  • When all your data is complete, you can continue with the online payment.
  • Please remind your presenters to complete their registration in case they were registered by you or to individually register their participation!
  • Your participation in the conference will only be confirmed by the organization after payment of the appropriate registration fee.