Welcome at EuroSEAS

Founded in 1992, the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) aims to stimulate scholarly cooperation within Europe in the field of Southeast Asian studies. Our main activity is the organization of a biennial international conference bringing together hundreds of specialists on Southeast Asia from all over the world. Traditionally, EuroSEAS members work primarily in the humanities and social sciences, but no disciplinary barriers are set.

Our conferences are hosted each year by a European university or research centre. So far, they were held respectively in Leiden (1995), Hamburg (1998), London (2001), Paris (2004), Naples (2007), Gothenburg (2010), Lisbon (2013), Vienna (2015), Oxford (2017) and Berlin (2019), Olomouc (2021) and Paris (2022). The 13th EuroSEAS conference will be held at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 22-26 July 2024.

EuroSEAS is a European-based but world-oriented association. Although our secretariat is permanently based in Leiden, we are inclusive and networking, and we see with satisfaction more and more non-Europeans join the association and participate to its activities: from Australia, North America, Asia and elsewhere – a growing contingent from Southeast Asia itself.

Euroseas relates to various national or area-based associations and many of its members participate to local conferences and initiatives.

Beside the biennial international conference, Euroseas organizes PhD masterclasses, workshops and other events. Please keep an eye on our website for updates. Our conferences take place in some of the finest cities in Europe and in turn, we adapt to different academic, cultural and physical environments – watch out for specific info about calls, venues, proposals and events.