Summary of the main points of the EuroSEAS constitution

(2017: original in Dutch available upon request)

1. EuroSEAS is an association legally based in Leiden
2. EuroSEAS supports activities and cooperation in the field of social sciences and humanities in Europe on SEA; stimulates contacts with colleagues in SEA, supports fundraising for research, disseminates information through its website, organizes conferences, workshops, masterclasses.
3. Duration of activities is until the association is dissolved.
4. Membership consists of ordinary members and honorary members.
5. Membership is personal and runs for 2 years, fee is paid per 2 years. In practice: conference participants are members. The association has power and authority to discharge members.
6. The income of the Association consists of membership fees and external funds such as donations and sponsorship.
7. The board has a minimum of 17 members, elected per area. Only Europe-based members can vote.
– France 2 members
– Germany 2 members
– Benelux 2 members
– Scandinavia 2 members
– United Kingdom 2 members
– Central Europe( Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltic States, Austria, Switzerland) 2 members
– Spain, Portugal 2 members
– Italy, Greece 2 members
– Russia 2 members
– Other countries 1 member
– A President is elected by the general assembly by ballot., 
– The board elects from among its members a Vice-President and appoints a Secretary.
– Board membership is for 4 years; board members can be re-elected only once.
8. The board – resp. President and Secretary – represent(s) the Association. The board asks mandate from the general assembly to make decisions.
9. Every year the Secretary presents a financial report to the board. Every 2 years the President reports to general assembly.