Conference fees (for all participants)

-Early bird fee: 200,00 Euros (until 1 May 2021)
-Regular fee: 240,00 Euros
-Students and low income fee: 100,00 Euros. Please contact the EuroSEAS secretariat for the student and low income fee criteria:
Fee in case of online attendance: t.b.a.

Plus EuroSEAS membership fee (to be paid by all participants): 30,00 Euros.

Covid-19 disclaimer: Under the current circumstances a physical conference cannot be guaranteed. EuroSEAS and the Organising Committee will, of course, have to follow international, national and local regulations. Naturally, our intention is to meet in person but force majeur cannot be ruled out. In case a physical conference is not possible, the board would do its best to facilitate and organize an online* EuroSEAS conference or series of activities.

*In case of an online conference, which will reduce the costs significantly, fees will be adjusted. In case the normal fees have already been paid by a participant, a partial refund will be made.