Dear friends and colleagues,

Summer is here and with it the EuroSEAS 2021 conference in Olomouc is approaching fast (see preliminary schedule below). With this update we would like to share the latest information on the conference with you.

Hybrid conference
As the organizers, we feel a need to share with you some information about the upcoming event. In April, we informed you that this year conference will be organized in hybrid form. Those of us who will be able to travel will be in Olomouc and those who would not can attend the conference online.

The online part of conference will be hosted on the Whova platform that will allow us to organize the online event with all the accompanying programme items, including online movie screening, regional meetings and general assembly.

For those who will be attending the conference online, we recommend to download the Whova application on their phone, or to log into the platform via ZOOM. We will share the link to the conference app on the EuroSEAS 2021 website, via email and our social networks. After the final registration, all the participants will be provided with an individual link to log into the platform. Within the Whova app, you will be able to better plan which panels you want to attend and you can also schedule meetings with other conference participants or take advantage of many other features.

Onsite participation
Onsite participants are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Whova platform, both for practical reasons of consulting the integrated conference programme, but more importantly to be able to communicate and network with the online participants as well.

Nevertheless, we still hope to see you in Olomouc. Due to the pandemic situation, the hotels in Olomouc are half-empty and discounted. This all indicates that the upcoming autumn is an ideal time to visit Olomouc. To make the trip even more enjoyable, we decided to prepare an accompanying program such as a facultative visit of local brewery in Chomoutov, medieval castle Bouzov and sacred side Svaty Kopecek.

So far, it is not expected that the Czech Republic will close the borders before November. But, the possibility for you to travel may be limited by your country restrictions on travelling. We would like to give you more time to decide whether you will participate on the conference online or in person.

Regardless of whether you want to join online or onsite, we need to know how many participants we can expect. Therefore, may we propose that, in order to let us know about your prospective participation in the conference, you do pre-register now (read more about the registration instructions) and delay your final decision on participating online or onsite closer to the final payment deadline of 15 August? This will help us to prepare the program of the conference and give you some more space to decide on the form of your participation.

We are looking forward to see you in Olomouc!