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EuroSEAS secretariat
The EuroSEAS secretariat in Leiden is the main administrative body of the conference. The secretariat coördinates the communication with participants/members, applications, content selection, registration, fees, payment, membership, etc. 

Yayah Siegers-Samaniri
Sikko Visscher

PO Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands


Berlin Conference Team
The Berlin conference team is responsible for local coordination and practical, organizational matters. This includes venue, schedule, additional activities, on-site support and more. An overview of our team members can be found here.

Institute of Asian and African Studies
Invalidenstraße 118
10115 Berlin


Funding Applications
If you are a panel convener and have received applications for funding support, please send these to the email address below. Paper applicants are asked to send their funding applications to the respective panel conveners, not the conference. For more information on the funding application procedure, please refer to the call for papers.


Travel Inquiries
In case you are looking for a flight, hotel or have other travel and accommodation-related questions, our travel partner is happy to assist you. Please check the travel page for details.


Membership EuroSEAS
Participants of the EuroSEAS conferences are automatically member of EuroSEAS until the next conference. It is also possible to become a member without visiting the conference. The membership fee is € 30 (for two years). For more information, please send an email to:

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