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EuroSEAS Conference 11 goes hybrid!

Dear friends and colleagues,

First of all, welcome to the Association’s new style of communication! Our improved website now allows more active exchange and sharing of news. In a dedicated blog our members can both give feedback on the association and interact on relevant topics; the blog will be handled in turn by the different regional constituencies starting with Central and Eastern Europe. We also have a way in which the board can update everyone on EuroSEAS activities and initiatives as well as on local events. A newsletter will be regularly sent to inform all members about what is published. Please have a look around the new website and see how you can contribute to our community by sending news, job opportunities and events, etc. to euroseas@kitlv.nl.  

Moving on to content, I am delighted that we can announce the 11th EuroSEAS conference in Olomouc in September 2021, which will be a hybrid event.

Quite obviously, introducing our conference and call for panels is a delicate matter while all over the world, encounters and gatherings are submitted to new rules and originating new customs. Furthermore, this is a challenging time for those, like many of us, who have based their studies, profession and research on travels, fieldwork, and encounters (beside the necessary and enriching consultation of sources). As we are setting up the 11th conference, we don’t know yet how we shall meet, whether in the beautiful setting of Palacký University in Olomouc, as we trust, or on our computer screens. Whichever way, our conference is fundamental to keep our community thriving in its research and other vital activities such as teaching and carrying out collaborative projects. This is particularly relevant for European-based students, many of whom were kept from starting their fieldwork by the onset of the Covid-19 virus, while Southeast Asian students were trapped in Europe or could not return from Southeast Asia to their host institutions. The conference keeps doors open and helps to plan the future.

All over the world, pandemics and pandemic-related issues are encompassing most domains of research (if only through dedicated funding) and will certainly be represented in our conference. Southeast Asian countries are dealing with different timings than Europe in the spread of Covid-19 as well as with different systems to cope, detect and interpret the virus. We have the chance to apprehend the global situation from a specific Southeast Asian angle. Pandemics can throw new light on Southeast Asia itself as major catastrophes are indeed rooted in long term and complex processes. This is why we are organizing dedicated sessions which will be presented on both the association and the conference website.

History, social sciences, literature, performative arts, visual research and environmental studies – all the disciplines and questions that typically animate our conferences are the indispensable tools to gain awareness and understanding of this change as well as of any change. We trust that in the submitted panels, our traditional richness is preserved and expanded through a vast variety of topics and approaches.

Enjoy and feed the new website! We look forward to receiving your panel proposals.

Silvia Vignato


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