The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) will hold its 11th conference at the Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic from 7-10 September 2021.

The 11th conference, organized by the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, will be a hybrid event; an on site event combined with a “virtual” online component.

As an international and multi-disciplinary organisation, EuroSEAS invites scholars and PhD students from all academic disciplines with an interest in Southeast Asia to present a paper in one of the selected panels at the EuroSEAS conference in Olomouc. For the accepted panels please see below. 

Covid-19 disclaimer: Under the current circumstances a physical conference still cannot be guaranteed. EuroSEAS and the Organising Committee will, of course, have to follow international, national and local regulations. Naturally, our intention is to meet in person but force majeur cannot be ruled out. In case a hybrid conference would still not be possible in September 2021, the EuroSEAS conference will be fully online. In case the normal fees have already been paid by a participant, a partial refund will be made.

List of accepted panels and roundtables

Please find the list of accepted panels and roundtables here. Please note that some panels are already full panels.


Paper presenters
If you want to participate in a panel, please send your paper abstract directly to the panel conveners. Your paper abstract should be approved by the panel conveners before 15 June 2021. EuroSEAS will not accept paper proposals that are not part of a panel!

Panel conveners
Panel conveners have to inform the EuroSEAS secretariat ( about the paper proposals they have accepted.

It is also possible to join the conference without presenting a paper (spectator). 

Registration and payment

Paper presenters
If your paper is accepted by a panel convener, your final registration and payment have to be effected by 15 August  2021 to be part of the program.

Panel conveners, chairs & discussants
To be part of the program, your final registration and payment have to be effected by 15 August 2021.

After 15 August 2021 it is still possible to register and finalize the payment if you wish to join the conference without presenting a paper (spectator).

Important deadlines

Deadline Early Bird fee will be extended until 15 June 2021*

-15 June 2021: Deadline submission paper proposals, approved by panel conveners.

-15 August  2021: Final registration & payment deadline when organizing a panel and/or presenting a paper (accepted by panel convener).

Conference registration

Click here for online registration for the conference.