Conference website EuroSEAS 2017 in Oxford
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Podcast keynote lectures EuroSEAS 2017 in Oxford
On 16 August 2017, Prof.dr. Kasian Tejapira gave the keynote lecture: 'The Sino-Thais’ Right Turn towards China'
On 17 August 2017, Laksmi Pamuntjak gave the second keynote lecture: 'Between Hope and Despair: On Living with Difference in Indonesia'. 

Masterclass 2017
On 15 August 2017 EuroSEAS organized in cooperation with the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies a masterclass for a limited number of PhD students from European universities who work on Southeast Asia in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The aim of this PhD workshop was to bring together excellent young academics from a broad range of disciplines focusing on a diverse range of topics. The PhD students presented their research proposal or a key chapter of their thesis. A panel of senior scholars provided constructive feedback on the writings.

EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize 2017
The winner of the EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize 2017 is Spain, China and Japan in Manila 1571-1644. Local Comparisons and Global Connections by Birgit Tremml-Werner. Her book offers a new perspective on the connected histories of Spain, China and Japan immediately following the establishment of Manila in 1571 as the Spanish capital of the Philippines. 

EuroSEAS Social Science Book Prize 2017
The 2017 EuroSEAS Social Science Book Prize has been won by Pamela McElwee’s Forests Are Gold: Trees, People, and Environmental Rule in Vietnam, a book that pulls together colonial history, ecology, and local and national perspectives to show that policy interventions that are labelled “environmental” are often only incidentally about the natural world. 

Masterclass 2016
On Friday June 17 2016 EuroSEAS and the Department of Anthropology of the University of Leiden organized a Master Class for PhD students from European universities who work on Southeast Asia. 

Conference website EuroSEAS 2015 in Vienna
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Videos of the EuroSEAS Conference 2015 online available
We have finally managed to put some videos of the EuroSEAS Conference in August 2015 on the conference website (keynote speeches, Literary Café, conference recap and impressions). Our thanks go to Nat Sattavet and Ascan Breuer who, beside supervising the filming on site, took on the arduous task of cutting and making proper videos out of the raw materials. Have a look at them and enjoy! Videos ...>>

In memoriam: Professor Benedict Anderson (1936-2015)
We were all deeply saddened to learn of the death of Benedict Anderson in Indonesia this past weekend. One of his last major public talks was the keynote 'Alarms of an old alarmist' he gave to the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) conference in Vienna on 11 August 2015.

EuroSEAS President Duncan McCargo delivered these remarks of introduction to his address, which we repost here: "This afternoon, Vienna is at the very centre of Southeast Asian studies: hundreds of scholars and specialists are assembled here in what is surely the most eagerly-awaited keynote in the history of EuroSEAS. Whether or not he strictly speaking needs any introduction, let me take a few moments to set the stage for Professor Benedict Anderson’s address. Why is Professor Anderson such a fitting speaker on this occasion? First, he is one of doyennes of Southeast Asian studies, distinguished by his deep knowledge and linguistic and cultural fluencies, and one whose work, though firmly rooted in the study of politics, has never been confined by narrow disciplinary constraints. Second, he is virtually unique in having achieved the standing of a major scholar of no less than three different countries of the region: Indonesia – from where he was famously banned during the Suharto period - Thailand and the Philippines, and has penned oft-read works on all of them. Third, especially through his writings on nationalism and his seminal book Imagined Communities, he has built on his background in the study of Southeast Asian politics to gain an intellectual influence that has crossed many regional and disciplinary boundaries. Fourth, despite his long career at Cornell University, we may try to claim Benedict Anderson as a European – an Irish citizen, born in China, educated initially in Britain - whose own scholarly life epitomises the cosmopolitanism and intellectual boldness that we EuroSEAS participants most admire and would wish to emulate." 

EuroSEAS-Nikkei Book Prize 2015
EuroSEAS is very thankful for its generous sponsor Nikkei Asian Review and is happy to announce the winners of the first EuroSEAS-Nikkei Asian Review Social Science & Humanities Book Prize for the best academic book on Southeast Asia published in the Humanities (including archaeology, art history, history, literature, performing arts and religious studies) and the Social Sciences (including anthropology, economics, law, politics and international relations, and sociology) of Southeast Asia. Philip Taylor received the Social Science Book Prize for The Khmer Lands of Vietnam: Environment, Cosmology and Sovereignty (NUS Press) and Mandy Sadan was awarded of the Humanities Book Prize for Being and Becoming Kachin. Histories Beyond the State in the Borderworlds of Burma. Besides a certificate both winners received an amount of € 750.

Masterclass 2015
On 10 August 2015 EuroSEAS organized its second PhD master class which was hosted by the University of Vienna. 8 students were selected whose work was discussed by a panel of senior scholars. Research proposals, papers or draft chapters by Resto Cruz (University of Edinburgh), Rosa de Vos (Wageningen University), Nora Faltmann (University of Vienna), Mirjam Le (University of Passau), Mirjam Lücking (University of Freiburg), Lukas Schlogl (King's College London), Giacomo Tabacco (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca), and Amnuayvit Thitibordin (University of Hamburg) were discussed among themselves and by Silvia Vignato (Univ of Milan), Duncan McCargo (Univ of Leeds), Henk Schulte Nordholt (KITLV Leiden), Petra Dannecker (University of Vienna), Wolfram Schaffer (University of Vienna) and Judith Ehlert (University of Vienna).

Nikkei Asian Review main sponsor of EuroSEAS 2015
We are delighted to report that Nikkei Asian Review has generously agreed to become the main sponsor of EuroSEAS 2015 in Vienna. Nikkei Asian Review is a weekly English language news-magazine owned by Nikkei, one of Japan's leading media groups, which was launched in November 2013. Support from Nikkei Asian Review will fund three round-tables on topical issues affecting Southeast Asia, the new EuroSEAS book prizes, and travel grants for selected conference participants, including PhD students.

Masterclass 2014
On June 19, 2014 EuroSEAS organized its first PhD master class which was hosted by the University of Amsterdam. Out of 20 applications 8 students were selected whose work was discussed by a panel of senior scholars. Research proposals, papers or draft chapters by Marta de Falco (Univ of Milan) Bianca Capaso (Univ of Leeds), Li-Keng Poh (Univ of Brighton), Valentine Becquet (Univ of Paris Descartres), Jenny McCallum (King's College London), Friederike Trotier (Univ of Frankfurt), Heikki Wilenius (Univ of Helsinki), and Prio Sambodho (Univ of Amsterdam) were discussed among themselves and by Silvia Vignato (Univ of Milan), Duncan McCargo (Univ of Leeds), Gerben Nooteboom, Laurens Bakker (Univ of Amsterdam), and Gerry van Klinken and Henk Schulte Nordholt (KITLV Leiden. The disciplinary background of the participants ranged from history, anthropology and demography, to musicology,while the topics varied from the history of public noise in colonial Singapore to villager's citizenship in contemporary Indonesia. The meeting was by all means a success and we are planning to organize the next event the day before the upcoming EuroSEAS conference in Vienna in August 2015.