Accepted panels: CLOSED

The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) will hold its 10th conference from 10 to 13 September 2019 at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. As an international and multi-disciplinary organisation, EuroSEAS invites scholars and PhD students from all academic disciplines with an interest in Southeast Asia to present a paper in one of the selected panels at the EuroSEAS conference in Berlin. For the accepted panels please see below. 

Important for paper presenters!
If you want to participate in a panel, please send your paper abstract directly to the panel conveners before 15 May 2019. Contact details of panel conveners can be found in the list of accepted panels. EuroSEAS will not accept paper proposals that are not part of a panel. If your paper is accepted by a panel convener, your registration and payment have to be effected by 15 July  2019 to be part of the programme. Click here for more information.

Accepted panels CLOSED

20 Years after Reformasi: Democratisation and the Politics of In/Exclusion in Indonesia and Malaysia

Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia

Ageing out of place: Comparative perspectives from Southeast Asia

Agrarian Social Movements and Struggles in Southeast Asia Past and Present

Already Southern China or still Northern Southeast Asia? Local Engagements with and Translations of Chinese Regional Aspirations in the Upper Mekong Region

Ambiguous Eating and Bodies in Global Asia – Perspectives from Critical Food & Development Studies

Armed groups, state-making practices and civilian agency in the borderlands

ASEAN Decision-Making and Policy Change in Southeast Asia CLOSED

Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia

Being Young Vietnamese in post-socialist European countries

Beyond wage labour: An inclusive approach to work and its implications for the emergence of new workers’ alliances in urban Southeast Asia

Body techniques, emergence and decline of social categories

Borneo and beyond: connecting the local and the global in Borneo’s past

Boundaries within the flow: the shape of life in Southeast Asian cosmologies

Bourdieu, Religious Fields and Social Power in Mainland Southeast Asia CLOSED

Cambodia’s ‘Golden Age’: Accessing the Global History of the Sangkum CLOSED

Censorship of the Arts in Southeast Asia

Challenges to the Future of ASEAN CLOSED

Charity and Volunteerism in Southeast Asia

China´s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Bridging Disciplines, Theories and Methods in the Research on its Impacts on Southeast Asia?

Chinese Religions in South East Asia

Contextualizing Netherlands-Indonesia Transnationalism

Continuing Negotiations of History, Identity, and Nation in Philippine Literary Production

Creative peacebuilding and resistance in Indonesia

Critical perspectives on penality in Southeast Asia

Crop booms in borderlands. Perspectives from Southeast Asia

Cultural Strategies and Political Challenges in Southeast Asian Queer and Trans Communities

Current and future challenges of regional integration in Southeast Asia

'Development' Appropriation in Myanmar: Partnership, Contestation

East Timorese multiple belongings: the International Relations of East Timor and the application to ASEAN

Emerging Scholarship on Myanmar’s Chin State: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Encountering Spirits: Trance and Spirit Possession in the Performing Arts of Contemporary Southeast Asia

Engaging universals - traveling concepts and practices in contemporary Southeast Asia

Ethnic Organizations and Cooperation of Multiple Stakeholders in Strengthening Transition and Promoting Diversity in Myanmar

Everyday Justice in Myanmar

Examining ‘Dutertenomics’ in the Philippines: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

From Southeast Asia to Europe: Tracing the Roots and Routes of Transpacific Radicalism

Future Making along Southeast Asian Frontiers

Gender in the Transition. Feminist Politics, Resistance and Intersectionality in Myanmar

Governance for climate change adaptation in Southeast Asia: history, anthropology, and political economy

Governance to the Local Level: Synergies between the Social, Economic, and Climate Change Sustainable Development Goals in Southeast Asian Cities

Grounding “alternative ontologies”: Towards a political ecology of animism

Health equity and embodied vulnerabilities in a region in transition

Health, policy and governance: cases from Indonesia

Heritagization: The Complexity of the Heritage Inscription CLOSED

Historical Anthropology in the Highlands: Contexts, Methods, Actors, and Ethics

Hybrid Communities in Southeast Asia: Identity Formation, Evolution, and Transformation

Identity: Forging Regional Belonging in Southeast Asia

Indonesian Maritime State: Shaping Military Professionalism

Industry 4.0 in Southeast Asia: strategies and implications

In the making: Experimentation and experiment in Southeast Asian art

Incorporating the foreign: The social meaning of imported goods in eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Interculturalism and Southeast Asian Performing Arts

Islam and Capitalism in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

Knowledges apart. How to converge disciplinary, epistemological and social realities?

Labour migration: diversity and inequality, and imaginaries of the future in Southeast Asia CLOSED

Legal Intermediaries: Reading, Interpreting and Documenting ‘Law’ in Southeast Asia CLOSED

Legal pluralism and challenges for family law governance

Liberalism, Majoritarianism, and Religious ‘Conservativism in Contemporary Indonesia’

Listen to your Eyes: Multimedia Story-telling and the Future(s) of Academic Publishing

Locating Zomias Wet and Dry: Stateless Spaces in Maritime and Mainland Southeast Asia

Making sense of the incomprehensible: rethinking headhunting and related forms of ritual violence in Southeast Asia

Malaysia: Post GE14

Material culture, heritage and history in Southeast Asia

Material manifestations of environmental change

Mediating and Mediatizing Political and Religious Authorities


Muslim Belonging and Politics of Belonging in the Philippines

Myanmar – One year ahead of the next elections

New Area Studies and Southeast Asia

New focus on old archaeology: re-assessing controversies in Southeast Asia

New Persons in Southeast Asia

New Intimacies in Southeast Asia: Mediating Affective Relations between People, Places and Things CLOSED

Offline and Online Spaces of Southeast Asian Transnational Migration: Facebook, Mall, Museum and Art

On Being Radical or Moderate: The Many Ways of Interpreting Radicalism and Promoting Moderate Islam in Contemporary Indonesia CLOSED

Organization and social movement of fisher in Indonesia

Parent education and (non-)schooling

Pathways to agricultural development in postcolonial Southeast Asia


Persistence and change in local knowledge in dealing with natural hazards in the Philippines

Place-making in Southeast Asia: Landscapes, Territories, and Communities

Philosophies in Southeast Asia

Policing and Religion – Policing Religion in late Colonial and Postcolonial Asia

Politics in the Age of Duterte

Power Dressing: Clothing and Ornament as Amulet CLOSED

Principles of welfare in Southeast Asia

Queer (In)Visiblity in Southeast Asia: Class, Politics, and Global Sexual Health

(Re)assembling the Moments of Thai-European Encounters in History

Recent politico-legal change for the lives of labour migrants in Southeast Asia

Reinventing Museums in Southeast Asia from the Colonial to the National, the Regional to the Global

Refugees in Indonesia: Comprehensive discussions on perception, reception, and coping mechanisms

Religious Minorities and Democracy in Southeast Asia: New Trajectories and New Approaches

Responding to Troubling Times: The Urgency of Collaborations Between Academics and Artists

Rethinking Southeast Asian Mega-Cities

Reverberations of an Occupation: Indonesian wartime connections between postwar societies

Revisioning Southeast Asian International Relations: New Theories, Methodologies, and Narratives

Revisiting decolonization processes in SEAsia

Revolutionising Print / Revolutionary Politics: Printed Matter and Politics in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, 1850s - 1970s

Sectarian Identity Formation and Intra-Group Muslim Rivalries in Southeast Asia CLOSED

Sickness and the City in Vietnam

Social Inequality and Sociocultures in Southeast Asia

Social protection: Understanding the new politics and practices of distribution in South East Asia

Sonic Entanglements: Sound, Archive, and Acoustic Historiographies in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia and Central-Eastern Europe: Forgotten Connections, Stories and Histories

Southeast Asia’s ‘creative turn’: Reconfiguring power and partnership

Southeast Asian Grassroots Peacebuilding: Perspectives on Indonesia and Timor-Leste relationship

Southeast Asian hunter-gatherers: Towards the longue durée

Southeast Asian Studies: Directions, Themes and Collaborations

Southeast Asian travelogues and global Asia

Spicy (dis)connections: Routes, Values and Imaginaries

Spirited Politics. Spirit Discourses and National Trauma in Thailand

Strongmen in Southeast Asia


Sub-national conflict, clientelism and state formation

The Challenges Ahead and Future Trajectories of Indonesia’s Defence and Security

The Cultural Contexts of Disease in South East Asia: Bile Duct Cancer in Northeast Thailand and Lao PDR

The Development Challenges of Post-Socialist Southeast Asia: The Politics, Economics and Geography

The Evolving Indo-Pacific Construct: Responses from ASEAN

The government intermediary: the role of middlemen and socio-cultural brokers in past and present Southeast Asia, ca. 1800-2000. CLOSED

The Islamic Archaeology of Southeast Asia

The Gender of Labor in Privatizing Vietnam

The Labour Movement(s) in Southeast Asia: Historical Contingencies and Contemporary Challenges

The liberal state and its discontents in Southeast Asia

The Mobility of Infrastructure

The Philippines and its Global Entanglements: Decentering the Knowledge Production about Religion in Asia

The political economy of Southeast Asian states

The Politics and Governance of Palm Oil Expansion in Southeast Asia

The Politics of Engagement. Southeast Asian Diasporas in Relation to Home Countries


The Rhetoric of Gender and Sexual Codes in Contemporary Indonesia CLOSED

The Sociality of Infrastructure-Mediated Development: Dynamics of In/Exclusion in Southeast Asia

The Struggle for Nationalism in Contemporary Thailand

Traditional Art, Community and Environmental Discourse: Wayang Puppet Theatre in Global Contexts

Transforming productivist economies.Inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on organic farming in Southeast Asia

Translation, Globalization and Indonesian Literature: Islands of Imagination?

Transnational Living, Cross-border Connections and Socially Embedded Exchanges between Thailand and Europe

Transregional Southeast Asian Connections – Indonesia and Malaysia

Two-wheeled tensions in urban Southeast Asia: Motorbike taxis, app-based services, and the politics of mobility

Understanding the Emergence of Political Villagers and State’s Counteraction in Northeast Thailand

(Un)making Southeast Asia’s illiberal order: Anti-geopolitics and the authoritarian turn

Upland Pioneers – Future Aspirations, Moral Imaginaries and Emerging Religiosities in Southeast Asia

Violence, Human Rights and Democracy in the Philippines. Historical (dis)contuinities and spatial variations 

Women and politics in Southeast Asia - navigating a man’s world

Women, Pluralism, and Political Participation in Peacebuilding, Democratizing Developing Burma/Myanmar

Worlding sites: Globalized visions and material constructions of future Southeast Asia

Young Scholars and Current Archaeological Researchers in the Philippines