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Paper presenters
If you want to participate in a panel, please send your paper abstract directly to the panel conveners. Your paper abstract should be approved by the panel conveners before 15 June 2021. EuroSEAS will not accept paper proposals that are not part of a panel!

Panel conveners
Panel conveners have to inform the EuroSEAS secretariat ( about the paper proposals they have accepted.

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A Chaotic Time that Certain People will Always Exploit. The Regional Dynamics of the Indonesian War Against Dutch Re-occupation

A Tropical Disease Between Tokyo and Java—Intertwining Histories of Malaria

Agrarian Transformations in Mainland Southeast Asia: Exploring the Intersectionality of Migration, Inequality and Environment

Archaeological, linguistic and textual evidence of Indian Ocean interactions with South East Asia

Being Social 2020: Social media and social movements at the turn of the decade

Between Heritage and Colonial Representations: Early Photography in Borneo

Between Perils and Promises of Mobility: Aspiration, Possibility, and the “Good Life” in Southeast Asia

Beyond the Netherlands: Histories of Entanglements between Europe and colonial Indonesia, ca. 1850—1940

Birthing and Dying in Southeast Asia: Morality, Personhood and Care

Border governance in Myanmar: Contested and plural political spaces

Burma’s First Democratic Term: Aung San Suu Kyi, the National League for Democracy, and the Western Imagination

Cambodia at a Crossroads? Democracy and Development on the 30th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreements

Centering the Frontier: Re-examining the Indonesia-Philippine Border Zone

Cold War Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Outsiders looking in

Colonial Asian history under fire. New perspectives of postcolonialism in the former empires due to BLM protests and discussions on slavery 

Comparing Regimes of Dispossession: States and Corporate Land Acquisition in Southeast Asia

Contested Spaces and Circuits of Mobile Trade in Southeast Asia

Continuities of political violence

Convulsions and aftershock: Malaysian politics and culture after GE14

Corruption in colonial and postcolonial histories of empire and nations in Southeast Asia in the 20th and 21st centuries

Debating sustainable digitalization and digital contributions to sustainability in Southeast Asia

Digital Media, Democracy, and Exclusion in Myanmar

Dislocating Kababayan: Unstable Communities in Global Philippine Art and Visual Culture

Educational Practices for Teaching Gifted Young Musicians in Europe and Asia: Comparative Study

Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Postcolonial Southeast Asia

Faith Beyond Frontiers: Exploring the Role of Religion in Southeast Asian Public Diplomacy

From digital divide to techno-elitists’ social movement: Updates on digital activism in Southeast Asia

Gender Issues in Contemporary Indonesia: Women’s Response, Resistance and Resilience to Convid-19 Pandemic

Governance of Climate Change: Socio-Ecological Perspectives

Identity Politics in Southeast Asia: Decolonial Approaches Toward Constructing the Pluriverse. CLOSED.

Images and imaginations; Maluku in early modern art and illustrations

Investing Southeast Asia: Amounts, Actors and Impact of the Chinese financial projection in Southeast Asia (2000-2020)

Justice and Care System for the Juvenile Offenders in Southeast Asia

Legacy of Colonialism in Southeast Asian Buddhism

Making and Un-making Resource Frontiers in Southeast Asia: State Formation and the Commodification of Nature

Managing regional stability in Southeast Asia through Economic Cooperation

Materialising and Dematerialising the Text in South East Asia

Materialities of occupation in Southeast Asia in the twenty-first century

Memory, Heritage, Commemoration, and Contestations in Southeast Asia

Mobility that brings immobility – the social and cultural aspects of internal migrations in Indonesia

Myanmar’s Changing Currents: Origins, Processes, Stakeholders and Impacts in Centre and Periphery Relations

Perceptions of China in Southeast Asia: Between politics, elite interests, and public attitudes

Place Branding in Southeast Asia: a Contested Landscape

Platform Economy in Southeast Asia: Progress, Prospects and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Project meeting: Abnormal Climate and Urban disasters in Colonial Indonesia and Philippines

Progressive Urban Religion in Southeast Asia: Religious Activists and their Struggles against the Conservative Turn in Metropolitan Areas

Queer Web Series in South East Asia

Radical possibilities: Southeast Asian Queer Creative Practice in Writing

REEL Democracy – Southeast Asia

Reinventing the rash? Measles in Southeast Asia

Resilience in Retrospect: Art, Religion and Community

Rethinking Expertise in a Time of Global Crisis

Revisiting Central European “Classics” of Southeast Asian Studies

Rohingya Refugees from Myanmar: New Perspectives on Identity and Belonging

Selling Thai-ness: Thai-Western transnational mobilities, tourism work and entrepreneurship, and gendered social outcomes

Shifts, Fractures, and Stimuli: Opium and Transition in Southeast Asia

State and Society in Pre-Modern Southeast Asia: Current Research Into Traditional Forms of Governance

Streaming the Tradition: Court and Grassroots Performing Arts in Yogyakarta during the Pandemic

Subdued Clamor from Sumatra: Voicing alternative memories, narratives, and histories

Suffering, victims and photographic ‘evidence’ in contemporary histories of Indonesia and East Timor

Survival of the marginalized: a critical debate on gender mainstreaming policy, state and human rights in Indonesia

Teaching Southeast Asian Studies: reassessing the field from the classroom

The Contentious Politics of Palm Oil Expansion in Southeast Asia

The legacy of colonial officialdom – biographical traces from Timor

The long road of Timor-Leste towards independence: Transnational perspectives

The political economy of Dutertenomics: a preliminary review

The power of gastronomy. Changing urban foodscapes in SEA

The South China Sea issues: what’s next?

Transforming Tropical Forests and Islands: Human Management of the Environments of the Philippine Archipelago in Long Time

Understanding Humor in Southeast Asia. Classical and Contemporary Literature in Translation

Understanding Thai Buddhism through contemporary literature

Unpacking the Asian Library. Histories of knowledge exchange and collecting from Asia to the West across decolonization

Urban Porosity and Peri-Urban Space: Materiality and Social Space in Southeast Asia

Vietnamese Migration and Diaspora

Voices of the voiceless – Endemic Minority Issues in Myanmar’s Democratization

Warfare and Sacrifice in Indigenous Southeast Asia: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives

When the War Was Over: Trajectories of former combatants in Southeast Asia

Youth encounters of cuisine, nutrition, and globalization in Southeast Asia


Anthropocenes@Southeast Asia – Localized Narratives of Global Chang

Environment and Natural resource Governance during and post Pandemic Era

Southeast Asia caught between great power politics